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30th Year Vitalized Five Wellness Nutritional Bypass
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Are you facing a significant health challenge?  Was our reputation for results what led you here?  Or are you simply looking for dietary supplements that really work?

Whatever your reason for visiting our site, welcome.  Vitamost® products support and enhance the health goals you set for yourself, whether you take them as dietary supplements or as food-based medicines.

Vitamost® formulas are in a class by themselves, with a 30-year history of delivering results.  Some of these outstanding products are so unique that they are patented.

  • Purpose:  Each formula provides optimal support for a specific health purpose.
  • Harmony:  All ingredients work together synergistically to ensure results.
  • Potency:  Each ingredient is present in quantities required to deliver optimal results.
  • Balance:  All nutrients are in balanced ratios, for ease in utilization by the body.
  • Natural:  Every ingredient is bio-identical to that same molecule found in nature.
  • Quality:  Every product is manufactured in a licensed GMP-compliant laboratory.

Vitamost® products are formulated by David W. Rowland, leading-edge innovator in the field of nutrition.  At the age of 31, David faced serious health challenges that led him to a successful career in nutritional counselling, in educating other practitioners, and in creating natural formulas that significantly improve specific health conditions.

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Our mission is to create powerful supplements that enable you to achieve your health goals.

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